Quit Smoking in 5 Hours

  • Do you want to become a nonsmoker very easily?
  • Without any withdrawal symptoms?
  • Without the feeling that something is missing?

You can do it: Five hours are enough!

How does it work?

  • You simply attend the seminar and you listen—really listen. In five hours you will learn:
  • What does nicotine do to our nervous system?
  • How does nicotine influence our thoughts and behavior?
  • How do smokers get manipulated?
  • How can we free ourselves from smoking?
  • How do we not gain weight?
  • How do we quit smoking for good?

You will very quickly look at smoking from an entirely different perspective, in a way you have probably never experienced before. This seminar was developed in Europe. It has been held all over Germany and other European countries and has helped thousands of smokers quit.

The success rate is an astonishing 85+%. It takes only one afternoon to become an ex-smoker. And now the seminar is coming to America.

Meet “Gunter”

In Germany, they refer to your inner “Schweinehund”—literally, your “pigdog”. Pigdog is a popular phrase in German: It’s that little devil sitting on your shoulder, telling you to sleep a little later, stay up another hour, have another drink at the bar...and...have another cigarette.